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Begin by visiting the official website at You will be sent to the website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University Assignment Status Check 2021. Choose the Assignment Link. You must supply your enrolment number as well as the course’s programme code.

If you miss the submission date for your assignment, you may still be able to submit it late. However, this may result in a late fee for the related Term End Exam. If you send in your work but do not pass an exam, you may repeat it in any subsequent semester.

On the IGNOU website, the university announces assignment submission deadlines for all programmes. On a frequent basis, check the website for updates:

Current assignments may always be found on the IGNOU website in the Student Zone:

Assignments are also provided on the WGS boards dedicated to these programmes. Always look for and submit new assignments for the current school year. When new assignments are posted, the old ones become invalid.

Submit assignments to your Study Centre/Regional Centre in accordance with the criteria of the Regional Centre. Provide your contact details on assignments (programme code, course code, enrollment number, email, phone).

Send handwritten, signed assignments to the address indicated if your Regional Centre states that only physical copies will be accepted. If soft copies are permitted in extraordinary circumstances such as Covid 19, they must be signed and scanned. Please email your assignments to if you have chosen SOGDS as your RC.

Assignments for each course must be submitted as a single document. Separate pages should not be submitted, nor should homework from two classes be combined in a single document.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated or noted, and you will be forced to redo the work. Before submitting assignments, please read the plagiarism standards in your Programme Guide.

Assignments must be handwritten and signed. They are unable to be typed.

If you miss the submission date for your assignment, you may still be able to submit it late. However, this may result in a late fee for the related Term End Exam. If you send in your work but do not pass an exam, you may repeat it in any subsequent semester.

If you have not submitted assignments or missed tests for a course or courses for which you were registered in a previous semester, you may do so in any subsequent semester as long as you finish the programme within the maximum time permitted. However, rather than attempting prior semester tasks, you must attempt fresh ones for the current semester.

No, after a course assignment has been received and approved, it does not need to be resubmitted, even if you did not take the final exam at the conclusion of the semester. Your grades on assignments will be kept.

Using the link provided, you may submit your annual assignment online. You can use the university’s online submission methods to submit your assignment from home. Because it is a National Open University, hundreds of young people attend this institution each year.

The first page must provide the following information.

  • The number on the roll.
  • The number allocated to you.
  • The title of the course
  • The Research Center.
  • The deadline for submission.

Write each question before creating an answer to prevent having to attach a question paper when submitting the task. After you have completed your assignment writing, keep all of your assignments in a paper file.

In most cases, your assignment will state the number of words or pages you must generate. This is usually expressed as a range rather than a single number (for example, 2500–3000 words or 10–12 pages). If you are doubtful, always ask your teacher.

Students at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) can write their coursework on any blank piece of paper. The university, on the other hand, has encouraged students to follow extra standards while completing tasks. “Any plain paper will do.”

Students, according to IGNOU, can write their assignments in a notebook. According to the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), students can write their assignments in a notebook on plain paper, scan them, and email them to their respective Regional Centres.

NO COPYING AND PASTEING: Always write your answers from your own ideas; even if you’ve seen the solution somewhere else, don’t just copy and paste it; instead, keep the answer in your own mind.

IGNOU students often receive a copy of their assignments along with their study materials. However, people should not be alarmed if they do not obtain the copy for any reason. They can make a request at their study centre. Aside from that, users can obtain a copy through the official website of IGNOU.

Every assignment available on this page has been completed. It is useful for all students who are needed to submit assignments to the IGNOU study centre in order to take the upcoming TEE Examination.

IGNOU solved assignments are available on the Internet or via our website, which sells actual copies of assignments. Except for assignment issues, you may initially be unable to find solved assignments on the internet. You will, however, ultimately be able to access them for free.

Counsellors at the Study Centre (SC) go through IGNOU assignments. Following that, they send all of the markings, along with other information such as your enrollment number, SC code, and so on, to your Regional Centre (under which your SC operates). Counselors also attend courses in their respective fields, and as they will be assessing your work at the end, they may assist you with tips/suggestions on assignment writing.